Sports massage / Deep tissue massage

Greystones Co Wicklow

087 251 8331

Massage therapist in Axelsons Gymnastiska Institut 2004, Stockholm.

Sports Massage ITEC course 2006 (Distinction) Dublin.

Fitness Instructor ISSA Dublin, 2008

Touch Pro chair massage course Dublin 2009

Revolving Therapist  Stockholm 2009 ( Myofascial Release


The Dorn Method, Dublin 2010

James Waslaski 5 day intensive seminar Advanced orthopedic

massage training. Ireland 2011.

Arthur Riggs 3 day workshop for myofascial realignment for hip, knee and ankle. London 2012

Dry Needling Dublin 2012

John Gibbons Spinal manipulation and mobilisation master-class.Oxford.


James Waslaski 2 day workshop-Intergrated manual therapy to eliminate multiple nerv compression pattern of the upper and lower body. Ireland 2019

Specialities:Myofascial release techniques for postural corrections.

Insured thrue Holistic insurance services and a member of Complementary Therapists Association,

Member of IMTA(Irish massage therapist association) Member 1918

I did my first weekend course in massage as a teenager. At the beginning I was amazed of the positive benefits touch can have.I also just loved giving and receiving massage. Later on when I started to do a  full time course I discovered how you can change the body

with fascia work.

From that time on  I was intriged.

I have since been studying to find out more of how you can help and heal

as a therapist.

The knowledge that is out there is amazing.

Down below are some courses I have had  the pleasure to take part in.

Fascia is a web wrapped around your muscles, nerves and blood vessels